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  • Are your services for free?
    Almost all the fun things in life are not for free, and I am very fun!
  • How do we communicate?
    Using your personal chatbox once you created an account that is our main communication tool.
  • Are real life sessions possible?
    Yes, in the Benelux.
  • Will you respect my limits?
    It is important to me that you enjoy your time with me.I will 100% respect your limits, as I wish you to respect mine.A safe word is always used.
  • Is that really you in the photos and are there any pictures that show your face?
    Yes of course it is me! once a booking is done you can get a picture of my face.
  • How should I address you, what is the proper etiquette?"
    You may address me as Mistress, Goddess, or Miss. If you are a novice don’t panic just be polite and respectful, then you will be fine.
  • Are you available for photoshoots?
    No, if I am interrested in shooting with you I will contact you.
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