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Body worship

You can learn how to perform the divine act of body worship with this basic guide. What is body worship exactly? Body Worship refers to the act of pleasuring a dominant’s body or body part, by using your mouth, usually with extended focus and attention. Body worship can focus on your dominant’s entire body or on a specific body part. Your dominant can be clothed or unclothed for it.

It can be an act of devotion to show appreciation or it can be the only contact you are allowed to have for some reason. Either way, it can be a great experience when you do it right.

Body Worship can go from just an act of devotion to a real fetish. The more you do it the more you may learn you love it.

Step one: Learn the different things you can do with your mouth and face.

Your lips: can kiss passionately, kiss lightly, or just move across the surface of her skin.

Your tongue: You can use the broad surface of your tongue to lick in a large motion, or use just the tip for a more localized sensation. It can move in straight lines, it can circle, or move in zig zags.

Your mouth: You can use your whole mouth to suck. Be careful here – you can suck lightly or intensely. Always start light before going more intense. You can breathe against her skin and create a nice heat. If you have a beard, you can move across her skin (I love this, personally).

Step two: Practice

Practice on your own hand so you have an idea of what it feels like. You can also exercise your tongue and mouth by doing these motions on your hand.

Step three: Find out what your dominant likes

Als her where she wants to be worshipped and how, and get to work. If your dominant gives you permission, try out different techniques and notice what pleases her most. Learn which parts of her body are erogenous zones, and remember that! Take mental notes on what you did that was successful, and what you did that got no response.

The Body Worship that I Like:

On my neck: I love the sensation of light sucking, of a tongue doing a zig-zag motion against my neck, and my slave brushing his beard against it in between sucking and licking.

Breast worship: Sucking, flicking the tongue up and down, circling my nipple with your tongue, kissing around the nipple.

Legs and torso: I like when my slave kisses up my leg and up my thigh, kisses up my torso, licks when I tell him to, then goes back to kissing.

This is a great skill, fetish, and act of devotion that can make you into a better slave/submissive. If you are lacking in other … areas, you might find that body worship is the best way you can please your dominant.

Katniss xx

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