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Deal brakers for a dominant

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

This is or vision, may not apply to others.

  1. Someone who doesn't respect another's boundaries or who don't clearly lay out their limits.

  2. Someone who doesn't want to use/respect a safe word, whatever their reason.

  3. Someone who plays while intoxicated or angry.

  4. Someone who Tops from the bottom or is a brat/SAM.

  5. Someone who neglects to maintain good personal hygiene or a clean home/living space.

  6. Someone who doesn't want to use protective measures or wants to try edge play without proper training. Someone inconsistent with pre-negotiated agreements or does not abide by them.

  7. Someone with a bad attitude (cocky, diva, drama-queen, whiner, etc.) OR an overbearing personality.

  8. Someone who lacks a sense of humor.

  9. Someone who lacks emotional maturity, i.e., taking things personally, and not being responsible for their words or actions.

  10. Someone with an addiction (illicit or prescribed drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, internet, etc.)

  11. Someone who is cruel, violent, or abusive.

  12. Someone with a potty mouth.

  13. Someone who lacks respect for themselves or others.

  14. Someone who is a liar or who is dishonest in other ways or back-stabbing or gossipy.

  15. Someone who brags about who they previously scened with or who they talked to etc. Mild name-dropping is one thing, but when you make a habit of it, it makes things feel competitive.

  16. Someone who exhibits any form of passive-aggressive behavior

  17. Someone who is lazy.

  18. Someone who creates or takes advantage of situations to force another to allow hard limit activities.

  19. Someone who does not agree that a person should always have a safe place/time to be able to talk about their wants and needs in the relationship.

  20. Someone who stops you from doing things that are healthy for you/makes you feel empowered/helps you to be stronger as a person.

  21. A submissive who is a "puppet" with no initiative, motivation, or creativity and must be instructed every minute of the day. Aka "the energy vampire submissive."

  22. Someone who lacks communication skills.

xxx Emma, Katniss and Shila

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