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How do you wish to be deferred to by a submissive male?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In public, I like a man to walk behind me. Not directly behind, or five steps behind, but simply to one side of me and a step behind me, just like some women do with their husbands or children. The person behind the other one is usually behind them because they get stuck holding the door open for them. In the same way, I like a man to reach for the door ahead of me only to hold it so I can walk through and he can walk behind me. But it's important for him to stay behind me when there is no door involved. If I'm dating a man,

I like him to dote on me in public, like at a restaurant or a family meal, and make sure I'm comfortable at all times, but I don't like him touching me in public at all. The closest to touching in public would be him sitting at my feet and against my knee when I'm sitting on a couch, visiting friends. In public and in private I allow a man to express himself, but he is not allowed to argue or contradict me in any way when I express myself.

I expect him to listen when I talk and not interrupt me, and I expect him to follow the topic of conversation when I start it. If I ask him questions he should answer me directly. These are all basic signs of interpersonal respect, though usually lacking in the "average guy's" conduct towards women.

But truly submissive men succeed where average guys fail. In a relationship, I prefer to have separate bank accounts, but I manage the joint budget and make the financial decisions. I have him cook, and clean up after meals, though sometimes I will join him in cooking. However, I like a man to do the large majority of the housework.

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