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How to beg part I

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Begging can be a great display of devotion, desperation and submission. Any submissive can learn the art of begging, even shy or unexpressive people. If you’re doing your best at begging, your Domme will be satisfied with you and you may even earn new privileges. If you beg to kiss my foot or to have an orgasm you will likely earn it if you do a good job begging. After all – if you ask, you shall receive.

I’ve outlined a few styles of begging below. You might lean towards one begging style more than others. Give them all a try, and see what your Dominant responds to most. And most importantly, have fun.

When Should You Beg?

When is the right time to beg? This will vary from Domme to Domme. For me – I will say this. First off, if I tell you to beg for something, I mean it. Beg for it. Another way to know is to see if I am challenging you. I’ll use a “challenging phrase”:

“Oh you really want this? You want to have an orgasm? Are you sure?”

“You’re so desperate to be pegged. Do you really want it? You want this dildo in your ass?”

These kinds of phrases are a bit of a test. I’m teasing you and dangling the thing you want in front of you. If you want to get it, beg for it. The only time begging is obviously off limits, is if I say no. To me the word “no” is not a flexible word. If I say “no” that’s not an invitation to beg harder. The invitation to beg harder are “challenging phrases”. They usually come in the form of questions that tease you and elicit a stronger response.

With other Dommes, when in doubt, just ask. Ask “do you like it when I beg?” and you will have an answer.

Get into the Position

Get on the floor, look up at me and put on your most devoted, submissive face. Begging is about acknowledging that my wish is your command. If you’re communicating as if we are on an equal level, the begging won’t work. To beg me for something shows that I have control over what you get or don’t get. If you’re begging for an orgasm you admit that you I have control over your orgasm. If you’re begging to be gagged, you admit that your gagging privileges are up to me. Kiss each of my feet. Then bow to me, and start begging.

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