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How to beg part II

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Devoted Begging

One way to beg is to do it with reverence and devotion. If you’re not very emotionally expressive, this is probably the style for you. In this style, you maintain a steady and calm composure as you beg. You look up at me and show me with careful attention, that you are devoted to me. On the floor, you may kiss my feet and speak up to me. Words like “honor” and “privilege” are great words to use, since they are displays of adoration.

“Goddess may I massage your feet? It would be my honor to massage them. It would mean so much to me.”

“I just want to serve you in any way. It would be such a privilege if I got to massage your feet. Will you allow me to massage them?”

Being at your service is so wonderful. Anything I can do to please you is my goal. Please may I have the honor of massaging you?”

I might not say yes right away. In these scenarios I like to turn up the intensity of the begging. I might say, “really, do you really want to?” It’s like a small test of devotion. Prove to me that you’re fully focused on serving me by begging. Then I might say “hmm maybe, it’s possible.” This is a cue to keep begging. In case you miss the cue, I’ll probably say “hmmm maybe, if you beg for it.” The goal is to show me just how much you want this. Finally when you’ve shown me your devotion, you will get what you want.

Passionate Begging

Passionate begging is more emotionally intensive and desperate. In this case you can let yourself fall into the strong feelings of submission swirling inside you. If you feel that you’re under my spell, addicted to my presence, you can express this. First, kiss my feet with passion, over and over again with fervor. Let yourself get desperate and unhinged. Show me just how addicted you are to my control. For example, use phrases like this:

“Please please Goddess. I’ll do anything for the chance to massage your feet. Please, I’m so desperate. I’ll do anything to massage them. I’m begging you!”

“Goddess, I am so addicted to your presence. I love your feet so much. I love pleasing you in any way. Please allow me to massage your feet. Please, please please, Goddess!”

Alternate between kissing my feet, begging, and bowing your head to my feet. I might enjoy lingering here, in this moment for a while before granting permission. This is because I love seeding addiction in my subs. I seeing the intensity in my subs growing and growing. When I’m ready to say yes I will say it. “Yes you are allowed to” or “yes you may do it.

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