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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

By taking the role of a true submissive, bottom male, you decide to allow your dom to make all the decisions. So, no — you shouldn’t have an opinion, suggestion, idea, or anything. The whole point of power dynamics in a dominant/submissive relationship is that one person will have all the control and power, while others will have none.

You should remember that your job isn’t to make your Mistress her life harder, but easier. You need to subdue the urge to rebel or object to something if you truly aim to be a good sub. That applies to both private and public life, in and out of the bedroom. You are obligated to do anything your dom desires. Naturally, subs are not perfect, and they will make a mistake from time to time, which might lead to punishment. If this happens, you should accept your disciplinary action willingly.

Being a sub is a lifestyle. Sometimes, relationships require 24/7 dedication, and your job is to do your part for everything to run smoothly. Remember that you are someone else’s property and that you should take care of yourself. Just because you are submissive, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t live healthy, get enough sleep, or take care of your body. In the end, you want what’s best for your dom.

When it comes to sex life, you can prepare the toys that you want your dom to use on you. That can involve collars, ropes, blindfolds, wax, or anything else you’re comfortable with. Then, your dom will decide what they want to do with it and which ones they want to use.

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