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Session story

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The first session of a novice slave, I could feel his nerves from afar. He couldn't even look at me and the trembling in his voice made me laugh. the poor thing didn't know what was coming. He never felt a whip or paddle before, was never locked in a cage nor gave up his keys to anyone. But thats exactly what he did that day. When I whipped him I could see the sperm dripping out of his cage, so I whipped him even harder but he didn't scream. To nervous for screaming.. Such a good boy for the first time I decided to examin his prostate, wich ofcourse was also new to him. I put on my latex gloves and let the lube slide over his ass, rub my finger in it and yes, with no struggle stimulating his prostate. It was eye opening for him the pleasure. After that I decided to send him home without the keys to his chastity. I don't plan on returning the keys anytime soon.

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