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The sluts' thoughts and feelings

Mistress Kilyna asked me to write this blog about thoughts and feelings of a slut. Please keep in mind that this slut has been properly caged since begin of October this year and is still a novice. Well I didn’t hear of locktober, but now I know it very well. Being locked for that amount of time makes me humble, obedient, pleasing the Mistress and last but not least very horny. I even guess that being locked gave me another mindset by getting out of my comfortzone. I thought that it is of great importance to suppress the great longings to be a good slut as well as submissive.

How wrong could this slut be? Sometimes accomplishing that 'task' is pretty easy, but it seems getting harder while the days pass. I can't control my feelings properly anymore, surrendering to my slutty feelings. Also this slut starts leaking randomly, which makes me feel horny yet very discomfortable. Like a proper slut I'm wearing my thong, my collar and stockings with a garterbelt. Today is the day that this slut is granted to be released from the devilish cage, but not in the morning.

The Mistress knows that this slut is weak at the moment and She plays in the most delicate way with my feelings. She orders me to kneel and wear the large hush butt plug nicely up my ass. That plug is so large for this slut to insert, that I need a couple of minutes to get it in my tight slutty hole. It makes me feel completely filled and my clit leakes pretty much. After this slut has turned the device on, She's in total control of the butt plug. She remotely controls it and I try to adapt to it as good as possible. She is great at making me will-less: I'm focussed on one thing only, being Her slut.

After a while my shame fades away, telling Mistress Kilyna things that I never told before. It makes me feel very happy yet still a little bit vulnerable. Mistress Kilyna rewards my open attitude with lots of attention for Her slut. She makes me beg voluntarily for every action I have to perform and She really seems to enjoy it. Begging is not my favourite thing to do but now all I want is begging and pleasing Her. While doing that my clit leaks lots of precum in my thong. Because I try to be a proper slut I have to taste and eat all precum until it’s gone. I try to be Her best slut, maybe I even did surrender completely for the first time and She knows that. My Mistress is very good-natured and She gives me the possibility 1 November to unlock my leaking clit from the cage. Immediately I start to beg to be caged again very soon like a proper slut. All I want is to be Yours, Mistress Kilyna.

The plug is now for six hours straight in my butt and I'm not allowed to cum without consent. I put in a new thong, but I still keep leaking without any play at all. Mistress Kilyna tells me at about 7:00PM to start edging my clit over and over again until 10:00PM, then this slut may cum on a plate and taste all the cum while being filmed. I’m very aroused, I guess I can’t even think anymore, just follow the instruction. Edging is extremely difficult to me when getting to that point of no return and trying my best not to cum.

This slut has been playing so much with her clit that after a while it starts to hurt a little bit, even little wounds appear on my clit for exaggerating the duration of playtime. I follow my Mistresses’ instruction and a little past 10:00PM I start begging my Mistress to cum on the plate. A couple minutes later this slut cums very hard and the pulsing clit makes really lots of cum. Much more as this slut usually does with Her consent. Very obedient I start licking and tasting this huge load of cum until there’s nothing left anymore, still being filmed. This unexperienced slut is completely drained, totaly exhausted, relaxed like never before.

Thank You Mistress Kilyna.

Is there more to come, is there another level of servitude and being Her slut? By telling Her what’s in my mind about my kinks, my darkest wishes, maybe even about my fears seems to be highly appreciated by Her. I hope that at least She is proud of me. All I know is that You rock my world, Mistress Kilyna.

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