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Vacation last part

On the way to the freezer I think of the next order, I want my little Jony to be spanked by my husband, he loves to do that but I never enjoy it, I am then out of control and that does not suit my dominant nature. My husband tells her to sit on his face and her body hangs forward over the couch, I meanwhile search in the freezer and find in the back 2 white mini magnums, 1 with nuts and the other without, I take them for Maggy my fattest puppy ever.

He still hasn't moved and I think this must be a traumatic experience. I dont care, this is just the beginning! I open his blink for a moment and see that he is having trouble even tolerating the light. He gets to point out which magnum he wants, and he chooses the white one without nuts, which is convenient, with the other one I had sws a different plan.

I throw the one he wants into the tray of vomit that is still untouched in front of him. He seems somewhat transfixed and preoccupied with his own survival, I grab the big bottle of massage oil which I pour over his back, and tell him to give me a paw, he is so well behaved really an example to many! He half sits up and gives me a paw, I cheer and get really happy about it! Also from seeing the oil dripping down his butt, even though he is so well behaved he does make it a little dirty all over. I unexpectedly pull out his wagging tail and put the magnum with nuts in his butt, it is now allowed to melt deliciously. That's all he gets from me, he's just too gross to pay any further attention to it.

From the living room I hear hot moans, the my little Jony is cumming hard, she makes a lot of noise and I give her credit for it, the slut what she is, she lies there used, hunched over couch hanging down, my husband has a hard-on and I want to feel it so I sit on his hard cock with my ass towards his face.

Now my my little Jony has to do some work again, while riding my horny hard big cock she gets to lick his ass and suck his balls, until he is about to cum then he has to give it up. I have actually become very wet from this spontaneous evening lead, I feel in my cups and spray her face wet, her fake eyelashes are soaked loose and hanging at half-seven. When my husband pinches my nipples and bites my neck I cum violently. I still shock after when he indicates he is about to cum I quickly get off him so he can squirt into her face. It is a full layer and I tell her not to wipe it off, she looks really slavish, a bit whorish even, cheap and used.

I go to look at Maggy and he still hasn't really moved. The best behaved puppy ever, let's see if I can change that, I stand a little above him and feel I need to mark my territory, it's become a dirty mess anyway and quite slippery on the floor, maybe that's why he doesn't move? And yes I piss on Gem, it takes 4 seconds before he realizes it and makes a strange move, I think he is so fat because he has forgotten how to move.

He slips on the mixture of massage oil, melted ice, and my piss and now lies there on the floor like a pig, with slight floundering movements. Never before have I seen anything like it. When I am pissed out I pull his lace a little looser and see that he was having trouble breathing, I also open his blinkers, he is having trouble with the light again and now sees his wife, he kisses her as if he is being delivered from his biggest hell, touching to see, he doesn't even realize that he has now licked my husband's cum as well. I enjoyed myself and I think they really needed this experience, I show them the way to the bathroom with rain shower, they stand there showering intimately together. Meanwhile, we freshened up and sat down in the Jacuzzi on our penthouse roof terrace.

Nice with a cigarette, cocktail and overlooking the sea, the rocking boats in the distance and the stars in the clear sky. I feel e

mpowered and then along comes my my little Jony, she shyly asks for fire.


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