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Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Finally it's almost vacation, yes almost for me vacation normally starts as soon as I get there, not when I have free time beforehand packing my suitcase or heading to an airport, that's extremely stressful, first that choice stress what stuff and toys am I taking this time? Do I not have too many kilos, then finding my way to an AirPort parking and then still keeping your friend in check, that is anything but vacation. Vacation for me is deciding for myself where my path unfolds and exploring, driving for hours and discovering the most beautiful places! And determining, deciding for myself where to do what.

My boyfriend is fascinated by airplanes and dreamed of a career as a pilot, he proposes every time to have sex in an airplane. I shouldn't think about it, crippled sitting folded up on a dirty toilet. So I suggested he try it at the thrusteress this time. We joked about this on the way to the AirPort and when we boarded the plane she stood there a beautiful young dark Spanish with pursed lips ( no not full) and big glasses, my friend imagined those big glasses glasses full of his seed. Upon visiting the toilet I discovered there was another door in the toilet, I couldn't get it open but suggested it was a room that could provide extra space. My friend followed after me and when we sit down again I ask if anything had been noticed, but he had not even discovered the latch. Disappointing!!!

The flight is long, and they come by again with drinks, we order coke and coffee and the Spanish one kneels down, actually she was in the perfect position to release my guy from his wildest dream however I told him to order a straw for my coke. He ordered a straw and made a slurping sound and motion with it himself. Divine because that poor kid didn't know anything about anything she fortunately can't read minds. His first task succeeded, he got her to kneel down and non-verbally imitate the kind of same slurp motion as he himself would like, and that without me having to make up sanctions should this simple task fail. A good start for this moment!


First Impression

The First stunning beach looks beautiful, brilliant white yellow sand with azure blue beautifully clear water, not too crowded, some swimmers snorkeling here and there and along the shore a group of people getting diving lessons in one of those slippery tight black suits splashing in the water. "Great for pissing against I thought, just open that zipper and then piss into it via a plastuit😊 they can enjoy something extra very special!

On the beach 1 lady stands out, she is porno blonde, skinny tattooed and really everything looks slutty, thick lips, dark long fake eyelashes, brightly colored fake nails and yes it is windy so her inset hair extensions are clearly visible unfortunately... I jokingly take a selfie with her lying flat on the beach in my sights, just for fun. We walk on and buy a big sheet from a dark man, now we are also ready to sunbathe, and find a spot somewhere close to the beach bar. Here we order cocktail and usher in the vacation. When we arrived, our first impression was rather moderate considering the level of elderly people is very high and this island is mostly volcanic, not really hot to call it that. The day progressed faster than expected and we made some nice exciting plans despite the initial impression.


Slept in with the scooter to the market and the harbor .


By boat to other Island, sunbathing there and catching up with someone who has lived there for years.


Hanging out by the pool with bad 80s music.


Rented a car and made miles, crossed the entire island, even off-road.

Been in the caves and drove on winding roads along the abyss.


After breakfast we leave by car towards the port, there we return the car and then go back to the first beach. We lie in the sun and cool off in the sea, it is a delight!

When we end up in a sushi restaurant on the boulevard around dusk, we see our blonde porn star again. She is drinking gin/7up and to our surprise she is with her husband, a big fat tattooed scruffy Englishman who is so fat he is so somewhat trapped between the armrests of the chair. We have our reservations about their sexual activity and think this is more of a credit card relationship. When I get up to sit on the edge of the boulevard to smoke a cigarette (only on vacation) the little slut comes up to me, she modestly asks for fire, I give her fire and introduce myself as Prinses and enter into the conversation with her, her name is Jony and her guy Dick they appear to have been together for years and I get complimented on my partner. She lusts after my husband and this is the perfect opportunity for me to pounce. I jokingly propose to her that we do partner swapping tonight, and I get her phone number.... Back at the table, I inform my guy that we are going to have an exciting evening, and that he will not regret it. Of course, they don't know what to expect. After dinner I smoke another cigarette in the same spot and yes, she immediately stands next to me again, a little nervous. I give her fire and ask what her husband thinks about it and she says this is exactly what they need but have no experience. I say that if she surrenders it will be an unforgettable experience for life and we meet an hour later at our hotel.

Back at our hotel I take a quick shower and put on my tight latex suit, my whips and plugs I lay out ready, my husband has already lit the candles and set out the glasses. In the living room is a round white leather couch with two large leather rolls on it, there are straps on the sides to keep the rolls in place. I instruct my friend that no matter what happens he must not cum in the first hour, he must ask permission for it. Other than that, he may do whatever he wants and then there is a knock on the door. They arrive and he looks even worse from up close than I thought beforehand, I already feel like it, completely turning him into a slave. She looks too slutty with thick makeup dark long fake eyelashes and light persimmon pink lipstick a thick gold chain and a fluorine like Barby outfit with black highheels underneath. My husband pours the drinks and they marvel at the grand and luxurious look of our beautiful room. Then I make the suggestion to make them feel at ease I think it is better not to start in the same room but get used to the sounds first and I take him to another room, there a surprise awaits him.

Be continued ...

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