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Vacation part2

When we're in the room I ask if there are things he doesn't want, and he doesn't know the answer to that any time soon. The fat sucker really has no idea. I make up that I get extra horny from the idea of him being a puppy and pull out my puppy outfit, his little shrunken cock tucked far away in his fat makes zero inroads and that's perfect. I ask what he likes best ice cream and he says a white magnum. I tell him he will be well rewarded if he does what I say from now on and he agrees. I haven't had such a stupid dirty slave in a long time.

I tell him to get down on his knees and put a collar on him, then he gets a real leather dog mask, which makes it harder for him to see and hear and breathe, he is actually too fat for it but by tightening the lace a little more it just fits. Around his hands I put dog paws and unexpectedly I dry put a wag in his anus, he moans and moves unexpectedly putting him in a very crazy submissive position. I am enjoying!

From the living room I hear deepthrout sounds and I go take a look, my husband is lying on his back on the round bed and our little slut has been licking his cock nice and hard, now he has her hair grabbed and is pushing her mouth deep over his thick hard big cock, tears are shooting into her eyes, from the pressure and tension I think, her little tight ass is sticking back and I pat it. I crawl on top of her and sit on her like she is a pony, my blonde my little Jony only the pink colored hair is missing. I grab her hair and pull her neck back then I see how her makeup has already run down her face. I give my husband a tongue kiss and ask if she is doing her best, he nods yes, but I want to see more. He knows what I mean.

I go back to my pup Maggy and ask if he's thirsty, he nods yes, I grab the iron dog food bowl from the cupboard and say I'll be right back. I walk over to our my little Jony and tell her to drink a big swig of gin 7up because her guy is thirsty, she doesn't understand me but does what I say, then my husband sticks his cock, or rather my cock deep in her throat making her gag and then I quickly hold the bowl under her chin, he pushes through and is deep in it, she throws up in the bowl and my husband asks if he can cum. I think it is too early, the hour is over but I want to feel his cock for a while. So after the puke session he stops for a moment and grabs new drinks for her.

Maggy gets a tray of puke from my my little Jony and is still in the other room waiting. It occurs to me that he is pretty well behaved for such an inexperienced puppy, he hasn't even had a puppy course yet. I go and see if there is any ice cream in the freezer, with any luck there will be a white magnum.

Be continued ...

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Jun 29, 2023

If this is the warm-up, the real session must be something else. Looking forward to Pt. 3...


Fantastic. What a holiday.

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