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Why do we enjoy face sitting ?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

How would a slave enjoy letting his domme sit on his face? Why does the mistress get to enjoy the most in this fetish? These are a few questions anyone who isn’t familiar with the act of queening would ask. Once one digs deep and understands the mechanics of queening, it becomes evident how a slave would also get a lot of kick out of her domme smothering her with her body.


For starters, submissives live for times when their domme is dictating them. That’s the basic need of a slave when in a d/s relationship and queening fuels this need. Your domme’s sweat and taste all over the face, a part of you wanting to get out but another reminding you how you should obey your domme at all times. The decisions that you make every nano-second to stay put and wait for the next order. These are just a few examples of what’s going in a slave’s mind when at their domme’s disposal and the adrenaline rush that it causes. When a queen is sitting on a slave’s face, his only purpose is to serve and pleasure her. He is her property when in a BDSM scene, and the very thought of being owned can turn on any submissive.


On the other hand, for a domme, having their submissive under them is a sight any mistress would live for. Being pinned to the ground has greater meaning when viewed in the BDSM context. It comes into play in many fetishes such as feet fetish when a submissive is ordered by their dominant to lower them to their feet and lick them. A queen is psychologically and physically on top of her submissive when queening. She is his queen and he loves it. From then on, the queen decides to let him enjoy her as he pleases or dictates him as she wishes. A domme can even pair queening with verbal humiliation or pain for extra pleasure for both.

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