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2020 Last Challenge this year

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

2020 has been a year full of challenges for everyone. Lovers miss, no more activities and no or significantly less kink. That's why I want to end this year with a slave task for every man to remind you that after pain and renunciation comes a time of recovery even if it takes a while before we realize or feel that.

"First of all, make sure you have ice cubes in your freezer.

Tie your balls firmly but separately with a black shoelace. Let a piece of rope separate your balls. After that you prepare 2 fairly large bowls. One you fill with fairly hot water and the other (yes you guessed it) with ice cubes.

Then you dip your balls in the ice cubes. After one minute you may switch to the hot water for 15 seconds. This you always alternate until the ice is completely gone. When the water gets lukewarm you renew it.

Send me your videos and pictures here or on Or post them on fetlife and tag me.

The ice stands for 2020 his worst memories. And yes the hot water stings first, but slowly everything will be alright 😘

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