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A slave’s dream

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

You blindfold me and take me by the hand and lead me to Your special place. Perhaps inside an abandoned factory?

Your slave is naked and wearing collar, and cuffs at the wrists and ankles. Of course Your slut's cock is properly caged..

You stop, reaching Your destination. You clip my two ankle cuffs together, which leaves me very little play, maybe about 6 inches, between them. You clip both of my wrists cuffs to a chain hanging from the ceiling. You pull the chain tighter and tighter, first lifting my arms above my head. Then even tighter until Your slave is on his toes..

When Mistress is satisfied with Her work She kisses Her slut's ear and removes the blindfold. Your slave's breath catches. Mistress is wearing only Her ankle boots, Her single-tail whip, and a very wicked smile.

Your slave looks around at the abandoned setting. A huge empty industrial space. It seems W/we could be discovered at any moment. It leaves Your slave feeling very exposed. And yet, comfortable, and safe knowing that You are in control. Trembling a bit, but not in fear, but anticipation. Or maybe just trembling at Her otherworldly beauty.

It feels like a dream because Your slave can't believe that the wildest dreams sometimes come true. You slave finds himself owned by a beautiful red-haired Belgian firecracker that he call "Mistress" Your slave can hardly believe that not only does She own his manhood, but that he begged Her to take it. She had cast a spell and he begged Her to own him..

Mistress seems to sense what Her slave is thinking. She begins to whip Her slave playfully. Every once in a while throwing a painful stroke to keep Her slave on his toes. (As if he had a choice) If Mistress chooses to, She would put a plug in Her slave and continue to whip him.

Then Mistress backs away and shows Her slave the Lush 2. She slides it gently inside Her. Her slave hangs from the chain and watches in frustration as Mistress brings Herself to several orgasms. Your slave is shaking now, the rings on his collar and cuffs clinking gently like wind chimes.

Mistress stands, and steps closer to Her slave. Putting Her arms around him and kissing him deeply. Owning his soul in that moment. Her slave feels the electricity coming off of Her. The glow from Her orgasms. Her pleasure. It makes him feel alive.

Mistress steps back, and says "open."

Her slave obediently opens his mouth.

Mistress places the Lush in Her slave's mouth, saying "don't drop it." Your slave closes his mouth around it, tasting Your precious fluids.

Mistress replaces the blindfold, steps close enough for Her hair to brush the slave's face, and whispers in his ear, "don't go away." Then slaps Her slave hard across the ass.

Mistress leaves Her slave chained there with the Lush in his mouth. Her taste on his lips as he hears Mistress' pretty heels clicking. Her footsteps echoing in the open space, receding into the distance....

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Dec 26, 2020

I loved it when my previous mistress locked me in chastity while she took a magic wand to her clit. I worked my way to it licking her labia until she squirted


Phen J
Phen J
May 20, 2020

Your words transported me from my unassuming bedroom to Your exciting

yet abandoned setting. i could almost hear the chains rattling above my own head as i became engulfed in Your words. Thank You for taking the time to share this story with me. Your talent of story telling is impressive; and I image it pales in comparison to Your skill with a whip.


Putting Her arms around him and kissing him ...


Apr 04, 2020

Het is mijn droom Meesteres om me te laten leiden (lijden) door U waarbij U mijn grenzen steeds verlegt !


I dream of the day where Mistress can make me her absolute toy. This fantasy was so hot, I can feel my heart race just thinking about being in the scenario of the slave as mistress takes my pathetic manhood for herself! <3 The mystery factor, the frustration, the pleasure, the challenges... It's just perfect!

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