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Experience as a sub

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Miss Katniss asked me to write on how i came about to be submissive and what this does to me. At heart, i always was. But living up to it did come in steps.

The first step was to realize that i enjoyed, felt excited and fantasized about obeying women and being subjected to their whims. That was childhood and early teens. Second, start experimenting and stop fighting against what i was. Having been educated with strong ‘moral’ values and having made incompatible choices, this took a while: late teens to late thirties. Third, engage in the lifestyle and look for the right Dommes: the next ten years until now.

A few months back began stage four: serving Miss Katniss. She makes me feel exactly at my place. Utterly excited, of course, as her gorgeous body would do to anyone. More importantly, She truly molds me into her slave, toy and property. Her own thing. With time, this is becoming much more than an exciting feeling, which arises whenever i receive or execute an order from Her. This is becoming my permanent reality, because She really considers me her property and She treats me accordingly.

Simplicity is key. Miss Katniss uses words sparingly and She doesn’t expect long-worded replies from her slaves. Just obedience. She does not always comment when a task is done, only at times when She feels like it. This troubled me at first, but would you hug and thank a vibro because it made you come? No. You would enjoy the orgasm, put the object back in place and, probably, use it more often and more intensely because it served you well. What better reward can there be?

When in need of guidance, Miss Katniss’ blog is there to remind me how to be a better slave for Her. When in need of encouragement, i only have to turn to hundreds of mind-boggling pictures of my Mistress on Fetlife. She is endlessly generous with these. And She is never far with messages and orders. Not when i want or expect them, just when She desires.

Her style might feel unsettling and demanding at times – not in a micro-management way, but because of the truly subservient attitude She requires. She is not for those who want a Mistress to serve their needs. She is perfect if you are determined really to become your Mistress’ slave and property, like i do. This is exactly what Miss Katniss will make of you.

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1 comentário

Mathieu Gretapolis
Mathieu Gretapolis
17 de mai. de 2021

Very Nice and well written! It really helps me understand what it is like to be a sub and how Miss Katniss would like her subs to behave! Thank you for sharing this!

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